Thirsty for Conflict: Water Scarcity in Southeast Asia

With water scarcity set to become one of the most contentious issues in international relations, Southeast Asia is no exception. Looking at the Mekong river basin, Braedie Atkins looks at how rising water tensions can be subdued by ASEAN, creating a water management system and facilitating technological innovation to ensure water supplies. Yet, China’s unwillingness to cooperate will continue to be a barrier in quenching the thirst for conflict within the region.


The Impact of Climate Change on Southeast Asia’s Coral Reefs

Braedie Atkins discusses the importance of coral reefs for Southeast Asia while also looking into how their overexploitation, as well as increasing global temperatures due to climate change, is making the region more vulnerable. ASEAN must play the quintessential role of filling any adaption or mitigation gaps left from mass coral bleaching.