Warwick ASEAN Conference

Report Card: ASEAN in COP26

The 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) has been described as ‘humanity’s last hope’, as it gathers world leaders together to address climate change. Public opinion has been split when it came to the conference. As Greta Thunberg puts it, COP26 has been a ‘two-week long celebration of business…

Malaysia’s White Flag Movement

What is happening? White flags can be seen flying outside Malaysian homes as a plea for help amidst lockdown. The #benderaputih or the white flag campaign gained momentum earlier this month on social media to help families struggling in times of the pandemic.  The white flags symbolise an indicator that…

Aung San Suu Kyi’s Triumphant Return

Myanmar has had an arduous journey towards becoming a fully democratic country. The military force currently still holds a 25% influence in the country’s parliament. 5 years have passed since the 2015 National Election -a historical landmark, where the National League of Democracy (NLD) defeated the 50-year strong military government…

Scaling the Ladder: Education Technology

In an age of technological disruption, competition ensues. Some race ahead with the latest knowhow, while others lag behind. As technology diffuses into more and more aspects of daily life, gradually replacing traditional tools of imparting knowledge to our young, Denise Tan gives her take on its benefits, its drawbacks and what the region should concentrate on to maximise its accessibility and effectiveness.

All is Fair in Drugs and War?

ASEAN’s economic boom in the last few decades belies an ever-worsening crisis of drug misuse. Individual governments have tried means and ways to tackle the crux of the problem, yet are their approaches effective? Ting Fang Chu examines the intricacies of the fight against drugs, and argues that regardless of the path taken, a coordinated and united response from ASEAN is exigent.