Warwick ASEAN Conference

All is Fair in Drugs and War?

ASEAN’s economic boom in the last few decades belies an ever-worsening crisis of drug misuse. Individual governments have tried means and ways to tackle the crux of the problem, yet are their approaches effective? Ting Fang Chu examines the intricacies of the fight against drugs, and argues that regardless of the path taken, a coordinated and united response from ASEAN is exigent.

Homelessness in Singapore – does it really exist?

Despite Singapore’s high levels of economic development, certain aspects of social development have not fully caught up. Benedict Choong shares his experience participating in an island-wide research study about homelessness conducted in July 2019. Read more to discover what he found, along with some recent efforts by agencies in Singapore to help the homeless in Singapore get back on their feet and off the streets.