Warwick ASEAN Conference


Warwick ASEAN Conference 2016

Morning Session

Political Panel

The morning Political Panel session focuses on the future of international politics such as ASEAN intra-regional relations and inter-regional relations between ASEAN and the World. The discussion will set the background of today’s ASEAN, its current development trajectory, and the possibilities and opportunities tomorrow.

ASEAN Perspectives I

The morning perspectives session will explore social and cultural developments in ASEAN. This would serve as food for thought for the audience to understand the beauty of cultural diversity within ASEAN, and its developments and direction.

Afternoon Session

Economic Panel

The afternoon Economic Panel session focuses on the future economic directions of ASEAN, such as in the areas of trade and economic liberalisation. The discussion will look at economic developments both in the present and in the future, and illustrate what tomorrow looks like for the region.

ASEAN Perspectives II

The afternoon seminar aims to inspire the audience to consider future opportunities in the ASEAN region. The opportunities and experiences shared by the speakers will be relatable to the developments and opportunities discussed in the afternoon panel, and to the audience on a personal level.