Warwick ASEAN Conference

Quarantining in the UK

DISCLAIMER: This is by no means a strict and hard rule that all must follow, this is simply an individual -Robin Lee- who has kindly agreed to share his experience, so you are a bit more aware and informed before you arrive in the UK! As of September 10th, if…

A Food Survival Guide for Freshers

Food, of course, is an important part of making university life all the more enjoyable. On-campus there are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants to pick from to ensure your self-catered life is as convenient as possible. Refer to the link to find out more: https://warwick.ac.uk/services/retail/eat-drink/ However, for those looking…

The 14 Day Self Isolation Guide

Before you read, please fill in this form informing us of whether you will be returning to the UK for university in the 20/21 academic year. This information will enable us to better tailor our support to you. https://cdn.jotfor.ms/secretary.warwickasean/asean-students-returning-for-autumn. If you departing or transiting from Singapore, Philipines, Thailand, Laos, Indonesia,…

All is Fair in Drugs and War?

ASEAN’s economic boom in the last few decades belies an ever-worsening crisis of drug misuse. Individual governments have tried means and ways to tackle the crux of the problem, yet are their approaches effective? Ting Fang Chu examines the intricacies of the fight against drugs, and argues that regardless of the path taken, a coordinated and united response from ASEAN is exigent.

Thirsty for Conflict: Water Scarcity in Southeast Asia

With water scarcity set to become one of the most contentious issues in international relations, Southeast Asia is no exception. Looking at the Mekong river basin, Braedie Atkins looks at how rising water tensions can be subdued by ASEAN, creating a water management system and facilitating technological innovation to ensure water supplies. Yet, China’s unwillingness to cooperate will continue to be a barrier in quenching the thirst for conflict within the region.