Academic Spotlight: Is the Creative City a tool for neoliberalism?

Phitchakan Chuangchai is a 3rd year Warwick PhD candidate in Creative Industries. She has been granted a Masters’ and PhD scholarship from the Royal Thai government. Phitchakan’s research focuses on discovering whether the ‘Creative City’ discourse, which is endorsed by UNESCO, the British Council, and most recently ASEAN, is a Trojan horse for neoliberalism. What […]

Editorial Socio-Cultural

Sports in Southeast Asia – Hit or Miss?

Sports has the potential to unite diverse peoples and expand a country’s influence. But in Southeast Asia, it’s still struggling to obtain support. What can we do to change this?

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A Royal Concern: Thailand’s wavering national identity

Disclaimer: Warwick ASEAN Conference would like to clarify that all opinions expressed in this article are the authors’ and editors’ own. BY NICOLE CHEUNG Phuket has long been renowned for its glittering nightlife – bars and nightclubs line Bangla Road in Patong, blasting The Chainsmokers’ newest hits whilst friendly Thais approach wide-eyed tourists, recommending “ping-pong […]