Warwick ASEAN Conference

Who We Are


Participate in charting the future of ASEAN and of the regional community.


Foster a strong network of passionate ASEAN youth and provide a platform for inspirations, hopes, and feedback towards building a forward-looking ASEAN community.


The Warwick ASEAN Conference is founded on the following aims:

To encourage youth aspirations on current and future ASEAN developments.

To actively engage attendees to inspire and be inspired.

To create a larger network for future ASEAN collaboration amongst the current student community in the UK.

To provide a dynamic forum for networking between passionate youths and ASEAN luminaries and thought leaders.

Meet the Key Team

ASEAN stands for The Association of Southeast Asian Nation and was established on 8th August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand, with the signing of the ASEAN Declaration by the Founding Fathers of ASEAN which consists of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand.

Other member states joined in later, making up the 10 Member States of ASEAN. Brunei Darussalam joined on 7th January 1984, Vietnam on 28th July 1995, Laos and Myanmar on 23rd July 1997, and finally Cambodia on 30th April 1999.

One of the aims of ASEAN is to accelerate the economic growth, social progress, and cultural development through joined endeavours in order to strengthen the foundation for a prosperous and peaceful community of Southeast Asian Nations. Apart from that, the ASEAN Declaration aims to provide assistance between the member states in the form of training and research facilities in the educational, professional, technical and administrative spheres.

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